Zona, but in either case, you would want to send them a current mri.     i think that headaches are a hard way to predict bleeds as headaches are caused by so many things.  some of which can be cavernous angiomas, but when you start talking about paralyzed face and blurred vision, you are probably talking about symptoms of cavernous angiomas.  most people on this site have headaches, but a few of us on this site don't have seizures.   it depends where they are  and we don't know where yours are.     please keep writing and asking questions.  i remember how amazing it felt the first time i realized there were other people like me out there! 4: sun aug 22, 2010 12:01am libby i had said samuelson.  his name is samson.  forgive me! 5: wed aug 25, 2010 11:11am shannah_banana hi libby and vandy. Thank you for responding! I really appreciate it. And libby you are so right. The doctor was really nice to actually see me free of charge, and i'm really lucky to have been diagnosed. (from what i've read on this site most people don't get diagnosed. ) because when i get extreme headaches and i have to go the er, i'm able to tell them i have cavernous angiomas. So the er docs actually give me ct-scans and take me more seriously instead of just saying i'm over reacting to a bad migraine. So i'm really thankful that the doctor was kind of nice to see me. But what would have been even nicer is if the doc had told me something informative about cavernous angiomas. buy viagra no prescription usa buy viagra online buy viagra http://classicmotocrossimages.com/mbs-viagra-cheap-buy-canada-gi/ buy viagra online generic viagra online viagra for sale no prescription buy cheap viagra cheap viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription So is it actually rare to have a bleed when you have cavernous angiomas? And how do you really know if you're bleeding? There are times when i get extreme symptoms and i think i should go to the er, but i usually talk myself out if and think i'm over reacting. It's just hard to know when you should take something seriously. 6: wed aug 25, 2010 12:14pm libby i really don't know the stats on bleeds, but kirk or vandy will.  personally i had a bleed in 87, a bleed in 99. A bleed every year for the next 7 and now no bleeds for 4 years.  i also have multiples.    how do you know when you have had a bleed?  i think you just kind of learn how you react.  some are easy.  i know i have had a bleed if i am thinking like someone removed my brain, put it in a blender, and put it back in upsidedown.  i call my neurologist.  if i suddenly can't use one of my legs, i call the neurologist. I have my own little personal rule.  i know that lots of symptoms come on in the late afternoon or evening when i have very little or no cognitive energy left. So if it isn't one of the ones that i know is a b.  


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